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GC112 – Prior Knowledge – Prior Knowledge Concept Map

GC112-S5 – Prior Knowledge Concept Map – In a five-step process, when instruction begins, Alexa or Instructor will ask students what comes to mind when a lesson-related word is heard or an image is viewed. Then, individually, with a partner or small group, students will create a concept map by inserting the lesson topic or image in a center circle on a horizontal sheet of paper or cardboard tri-fold board. Next, Alexa or Instructor will have students draw major links from their map’s center, ending each link by connecting a major sub-topic or key point. Last, students will insert related details and appropriate linking words for each sub-topic and details on the map. A relevant linking word will be written on each line, such as have, is, are, shows, values, may lead to, results from, may drive, determines, works with, etc. By linking the lesson topic to relevant sub-topics and details, simple sentences are formed. (Option – Journal Entry)

Intensity: 30