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GC117 – Readscan – Chapter Preview Quiz Scan Tool (For Reading Assignment Only)

GC117-S3 – Chapter Preview Quiz Scan – For reading notetaking purposes, in a three-step process, before reading, Alexa or Instructor will guide students to skim each heading, sub-heading, tables, pictures, key words or highlighted text and write one possible quiz question for each heading and subheading, using index cards. To help write quiz questions, students will use the quiz Question Guide, if available. Next, students will be directed to share their prospective quiz questions with a partner, small group and/or class, and simultaneously, add other questions generated by others, to ensure coverage of all material. During and after reading, students will answer the questions generated on the back of each index card. The index cards will be used as Flash Cards or a Study Guide, highlighting and underlining important points or details.

Intensity: 30