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GC125 – WordTech – Toss the Word Game Day

GC125-S4 – WordTech Toss the Word – After a four-step preparation process, and sharing of rules, Alexa or Instructor will guide students in preparing for the Toss the Word Game by dividing into teams, and selecting a Game Prep Facilitator, per team.  Each team will receive a portion of the terms, to create three small playing term cards, and a 11” by 17” term sign,  for each term received..  Then, Alexa and Instructor will have each team member draw their team roles – Score Keeper, Game Monitor, Time Keeper, Team Member or Substitute.  Next, each team member will draw their Team Task Card, which will indicate their task during play (Clue Giver or Clue Receiver). and their turn.  Last, Alexa or Instructor will provide the first-round set-up process and rules of the game.

Intensity: 30