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GC127 – WordTech – Word Search Mystery Exchange Game

GC127-S4 – Word Search Mystery Exchange Game – As directed, before beginning the reading assignment, Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner, in a small group and/or class, to conduct a “Word Preview” by searching the text or reviewing a ready-made list of terms and definitions. These terms will be used as the basis for individually creating a Word Search Puzzle, using a Word Search Grid.  Students will exchange their puzzle creation with an opposing partner or team.  A timekeeping device will be used to determine who solves the puzzle the fastest.  A Player List is created by listing the name and finish time per participant, in preparation for the upcoming Definitions Tournament. In a Definitions Tournament, the players will draw a term and provide a definition to prevent elimination, in hopes of being the last person standing.  (Upon completion, if more than one player remains in good standing, after all terms have been played, the Player’s List will be referenced. The list will determine the champion by providing who previously solved their puzzle the fastest.)

Intensity: 10