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GC128 – WordTech – Word Search Mystery Relay Game

GC128-S6 – Word Search Mystery Relay Game – As directed, before beginning the reading assignment, Relay Teams will be established.  Alexa or Instructor will guide a team to conduct a “Word Preview” by searching the text or reviewing a ready-made list of terms and definitions.  These terms will be used as the basis for creating a Word Search puzzle, using a Word Search Grid.  Relay teams will be directed to replicate their Word Search document onto a large poster.  Cover with clear laminate paper for multiple use, if available.  Another poster board should be used as a cover sheet, before the game begins.  Next, each team will create a Term Table by laying out the definition cards in rows on a flat surface that accompanies their poster. Last, teams will challenge each other in completing each other’s Word Search poster and locating the accompanying table card definition, in an established time period.  All game prep instructions, rules and resources are available in the Word Search Mystery tool.

Intensity: 30