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GC212 – Notetaking – Concept Map Notetaking Sheet

GC212-S4 – Concept Map Notetaking Sheet – In a three-step process, as directed, during notetaking, individually, with a partner or small group, Alexa or Instructor will guide students to create a concept map by inserting the lesson topic or image in a center circle, located on a horizontal sheet of paper. Next, students will be directed to link sub-topic squares using key points or categories, as dictated by the lesson. Last, they will draw a line from the center circle to each square and insert a relevant linking word on each line. (Linking words are similar to verbs or action words, such as has, have, is, are, shows, values, may lead to, results from, may drive, determines, works with, etc.) By linking the lesson topic to the sub-topics, and the sub-topics to details, simple sentences are formed.

Intensity: 20