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GC212 – Notetaking – Visual Scratchpad Notetaking Tool

GC212-S4 – Visual Scratchpad Notetaking – Using a vertically folded sheet of paper, per topic, students will develop flash sheets by listening or reading intently, while visualizing pictures in their mind for each topic.  Main topics for the lesson will be provided. Then, Alexa or Instructor will direct students to write a Quiz Question for each topic.  During lesson, key points are inserted on the left column of the paper front and an Illustration on the back of each topic sheet. After lesson, students, either individually, with a partner or small group, will write a question response, with illustration, if applicable, on the back of card.  Stick people and simple objects are acceptable. A Question Guide can help write quiz questions, if available. (Three index cards can substitute for each topic sheet.)

Intensity: 10