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GC213 – Notetaking – Key Point Notetaking Cards (Reading Notetaking)

GC213-S3 – Key Point Notetaking Cards – Most lessons cover approximately three or four major topics or objectives. Alexa or Instructor will guide students in using a Key Point Notetaking sheet, which is a sheet of paper, folded in half, vertically. A vertical sheet will be used during the reading session for each major topic. Before reading, students will label the front left side of each vertical sheet with a major reading topic and a quiz question. Then, when reading, students will add key points on the left side and details, examples and quiz question answer on the right side of the folded sheet. Next, after reading instruction, students will add a summary and illustration on the backside of the sheet. Sheets can be bound in a notebook. Three index cards can be substituted for a sheet.

Intensity: 30