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GC214 – Notetaking – Key Point Notetaking (Reading Notes)

GC214-S4 – Key Point Notetaking – Most lessons cover three or four major topics or objectives per lesson.  Key Point Notetaking captures each major topic within the lesson, with key points, details and examples.  Before reading, Alexa or Instructor will guide students in using a Key Point Notetaking sheet, which is a sheet of paper, folded in half, vertically, creating two columns.  Students will label the front, left column of the sheet, with a Major Topic and add a Topic Quiz Question.  Then, when reading, students will add key points, details and examples to the remaining right column of the designated Topic Sheet, after saving space for the Initial Topic Response.  Last, after reading, more Topic Quiz Questions will be generated for the left column by reviewing the key points in the right column.  The questions will align and serve as responses to the previous, captured key points in the right column.  Flash sheets for study can be created by folding the page vertically to the back, from the center, with only the Quiz Questions exposed.  (Three or more index cards can be substituted for a sheet of paper.)  (Infusing summarization can increase student achievement 33% – Marzano, Pickering and Pollack).

Intensity: 30