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GC410 – Life-Size Simulations – Life-Size Simulation Review

GC410-S3 – Life-Size Simulation Review – Participating in simulations can increase retention of knowledge by seventy-five percent.  A Life-Size Simulation involves students replicating the performance of an object, using a designated sequence or flow, such as replicating gas flow through the parts of a motor or blood flow through the sections of the heart.  After Identifying a skill and the chronological steps to complete the skill or function related to the lesson, Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner, in a small group or class, to identify the necessary stations for the simulation.  A station (stationary participant) is a tangible location, component or step that remains stationary, while performing a function.  Then, students (traveling participants) will map out the sequence or flow of activity for objects  to move from station to station to complete a task or cycle.

Intensity: 30