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SMGR1 – SG001 – Small Group Tool – Ten-Minute Prep Steps

SG001-S3 – Small Group Ten-Minute Prep Steps – Using a three-step process, in ten-minutes or less, Alexa or Instructor will guide the class to divide into short-term, one-day small groups.  Each member will draw their individual small group roles using the draw cards or strips and envelope provided.  The roles consist of either a Facilitator, Timekeeper or Participant. Some activities may also include a Recorder, Reporter, Clarifier and Connector. In preparing for a one-day functioning small group, the new Facilitator will briefly review the small group’s purpose, intended outcomes, leadership roles, discussion rules, and initiate the completion of the small group tasks in the allocated time period. (For more intense small group prep and long-term Small Group Leadership Prep and Role Guides. insert SG002 in the Classroom Management Search Bar.)