Learning Connect

An Instructional System For Raising Student Achievement



ENTICE is an important teaching step in getting students' focus and attention by activating prior knowledge.



Transform surface learning into a deep, successful learning event by using direct interventions.



Generate, compare and connect with the new knowledge received using engaging encounters.



EMBRACE is the final step for reflecting, connecting and retaining the knowledge gained.




Welcome to Learning Connect

LEARNING CONNECT is an educator’s tool that teaches students how to learn.  It helps teachers with the learning tools that create more and deeper connections, as they teach students new content and knowledge.  Learning Connect uses a journey of learning discovery with high quality thinking that enhances meaning and understanding in the classroom.


Learning Connect is a repository of all the “tried and true” engaging processes that good teachers have used over the years.  These scientifically-proven strategies are imbedded with the learning and processing skills that must be activated to increase student learning and achievement.  Learning Connect tools promote student engagement and larger thinking.  Student experiences are advanced to the learning level of reorganization of thought, to ensure comprehension and long-term retention.  Learning Connect promotes students activating their thinking, applying knowledge, while analyzing and drawing conclusions on their own.


This self-discovery of knowledge takes students from surface learning to a more deeper learning experience.  Students are encouraged to question their current awareness and develop skills in critical thinking, reflection and problem-solving.  They learn to communicate their final learning conclusions and connect them to real-world applications.  Public speaking, leadership and teamwork is infused within the small group and class learning processes.


The largest struggle for teachers is not learning new approaches to teaching, but how to create and implement effective learning strategies, for all students, with the limited time and resources provided.  Learning Connect reduces the use of surface learning, low-recognition study sheets, and rote memory, within today’s  classroom.  The learning process is refined with instant tools that utilize fundamental teaching practices, and requires minimal preparation and resources.

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