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Students Can Excel with Entrepreneurship Enhancement Tools

Brandon Mayer, Teacher, Great Plains Technology Center claims that Learning Connect is great for engaging students. He explains that instead of going to a workshop and learning one strategy, Learning Connect can give a over 100 customized strategies to entice, enlighten and engage students, while embracing the content for long-tern retention and retrieval.  Please listen as Brandon tells his story:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofzAvdF8-b0

Plus, the exciting news for the 2018-2019 school year is that: "Learning Connect has added Career Enhancement tools for students who are excelling and excited about learning."   An enhancement tool is not the primary curriculum, but serves to enrich, … Continue reading 

Welcome to Learning Connect

Welcome to Learning Connect.   Amy Jenkins, Teacher, Great Plains Technology Center claims that "since she started using Learning Connect in January of the 2018 school year, the achievement of her students has doubled." Please listen as Amy tells her story: https://youtu.be/NcOXoPs4AXc

What is Learning Connect? Learning Connect is an online instructional system for raising student achievement. Let's talk about student achievement.  Percentage-wise, think about how many really good learners are in your classroom.  Next, think about how many poor learners are in your classroom.  "Poor learners do not know how to activate all of their learning and processing skills. They can lose up … Continue reading 

Learning is defined as . . .

"Neuroscience research confirms that practice improves performance. The brain processes new information by recalling it, and as the activity is practiced, the pathways get more efficient, and transmission speed increases. The pathways may become permanent as the skill becomes integral to the brain, and is held in long-term memory." (Jensen as stated by - Cercone, 2006.)