About Learning Connect

Who can use learning connect?

Learning Connect is a computerized, student-driven instructional system for raising student achievement in the classroom.  It does not change or replace subject content, but elevates the teacher to become a true "Facilitator of Learning". It provides a systematic process for raising student achievement effectively, efficiently and consistently.

With the overwhelming schedules and increasing duties of teachers, plus the tremendous pressure for student success, it is quite evident that a classroom assistant would prove beneficial.  Using Alexa, Learning Connect serves as a "Computerized Teacher Assistant" that activates the learning and processing skills that all students possess during the teaching of any current lesson.

Learning Connect tools are proven to increase student achievement, retention, and comprehension in any middle school, high school or college classroom.  It is best used as an instructional planning tool to infuse student learning strategies at intervals throughout the lesson-planning process.

For more information about increasing student achievement and purchasing Learning Connect as a "Teacher Assistant" for instructional planning at your school, please inquire at learningconnect@att.net.

What is learning connect?

With Alexa as a student achievement partner, a teacher can change their current classroom into a more viable, exciting and inspiring learning center. At each juncture of the current lesson, whether the lesson introduction, the lesson instruction (lecture or reading), the lesson application or the lesson review, the teacher can activate Alexa to intervene and trigger the student learning skills needed for success. The teacher just has to select the student learning strategies that best align with their current lesson content and teaching strategy being used. Then, as directed by teacher, Alexa can be activated at the desired time within the lesson.

For many students, this intervention during the lesson is an invaluable instructional step. Unfortunately, the need to infuse strategies to activate most or all student learning and processing skills is often overlooked in the average classroom due to time constraints in both instructional planning and implementation. Some teachers are left doing a high proportion of lecture with little time for  summarizing, consolidating and reflection. Then, as much as fifty percent of the knowledge may be lost withing 20 minutes after hearing it. One educational expert eloquently stated that students are hearing information one time, but are expected to remember it a lifetime.

It is well understood by educational experts that to learn effectively, each learning and processing skill must make a contribution and function well for overall learning to be successful. Some educational researchers even claim that 85 to 90 percent of the difficulties in the classroom are due to poor underlying learning and processing skills. Unfortunately, for many students, the skills to activate effective learning strategies on their own is lacking. As a result, many students are at a loss on how to learn and be successful in the classroom. Fortunately, it has also been acknowledged by educational experts that students can be taught effective learning strategies simultaneously as they learn content in the classroom. These classrooms more interactive, vibrant and cherished.

In summary, Learning Connect and Alexa will provide the student strategies to take the knowledge presented from a surface learning level to forming deep connections that increase understanding and
long-term retrieval of content.

When can learning connect be used?

Learning Connect can be used to infuse achievement tools at different stages within the instructional process - ENTICE, ENLIGHTEN, ENGAGE and EMBRACE.  A smorgasbord of achievement tools is available to align with the content and purpose of the lesson.

How to use learning connect?

Learning Connect has over one hundred customizable student achievement tools that Alexa can use to activate the learning and processing skills that all students possess. For example, research contends that Prior Knowledge is the single most important resource in learning information. As a result, Alexa will prepare the students to brainstorm, explore, consolidate and connect with the lesson topic presented using their prior knowledge. As directed by teacher, Alexa can also increase student learning connections using effective inquiry and summary interventions during reading or lecture. Last, Alexa can close the lesson by providing crucial reflections and probing pursuits that ensure the reorganization of thinking that deep learning and long-term retention requires. This last step will replace the study sheets that are being used abundantly across our nation, knowing or not knowing, that only surface learning is being generated, thereby producing minimal learning results.

The cost of a subscription per teacher is comparable to purchasing one student textbook, however, all students will benefit from this one classroom purchase.

Why use learning connect?

  • INCREASED STUDENT EMPOWERMENT - LEARNING CONNECT is a click away from over 100 turnkey instructional support tools that allow students to become more skilled in approaching and managing learning successfully on their own.
  • INCREASED STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT - LEARNING CONNECT is an instructional system generated from over 60 scientifically-research instructional strategies proven to raise student achievement.
  • INCREASED STUDENT LEARNING - LEARNING CONNECT entices, enlightens and engages students, allowing them to embrace new knowledge and increase student learning.  In summary, it increases learning outcomes for all students with all learning abilities and learning styles.
  • INCREASED STUDENT SUCCESS - LEARNING CONNECT translates a tremendous amount of instructional research available today into highly-effective classroom activities that increase student learning and ensure student success.

Preparing Students to Succeed . . .

“In order for the United States to produce young people who are well prepared to succeed in whatever they undertake, every teacher at every grade level in every domain must become a strategies teacher.  Strategies instruction needs to be adopted across the curriculum and throughout schools and school districts. It needs to begin when children enter school and continue through 12th grade.”

Gaskins, Irene. (December 23, 2009 Update). Strategies Instruction.