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Welcome to Learning Connect


LEARNING CONNECT is a repository of all the “tried and true” engaging processes that good teachers have used over the years.  Teachers can insert their lesson content into fundamental teaching practices to instantly entice students to a higher level of engagement and reflection.  These strategies can be implemented manually by the instructor during the lesson or with the use of a voice activated device, such as Alexa.  Most tools are also conducive to Reflective Journaling and Small Group Learning.

Learning Connect tools are divided into four sequential categories:

ENTICE TOOLS - (Lesson Introduction) – Learning comes primarily from connecting prior knowledge and only secondarily from the curriculum.  Prior knowledge creates the connection that constructs the meaning for the lesson. Alexa or Instructor can prepare the class for learning an upcoming lesson topic by accessing the student's prior knowledge even while roll is being taken.

Examples - Teacher will provide:
A - a Lesson Topic - Alexa will guide students in accessing their prior knowledge and creating long-lasting connections to the new topic.

B - a Vocabulary Word List - Learning vocabulary is more than just matching a list of words. Alexa will guide students through intense and varied exposure to ensure comprehension.  This step can be the single most important factor contributing to overall understanding of the content.

ENLIGHTEN TOOLS - (Lecture or Reading Practices)  In a typical classroom lecture, as much as 50 percent of knowledge may be lost within 20 minutes of receiving it.  Up to six out of ten students have a challenge in comprehending content material when reading.  Alexa can liven up the classroom and guide students in consolidating content using proven memory tools during any lecture, notetaking and reading experience.

Examples - Instructor and Alexa:
A - can provide Instructional Stoppers, as requested, to summarize and consolidate content during the lecture process.

B- can guide students through notetaking, journaling and reflection strategies, when requested, before, during and after lecture.  This practice can reorganize knowledge and ensure long-term memory.  Unfortunately, knowledge has only a five percent chance of being remembered if not in notes.

C - can provide students with fun individual or group content reading experiences to improve retention of the lesson content.  Six out of ten students in an average classroom have challenges with reading comprehension.

ENGAGEMENT TOOLS - (Application Practices) – Deep learning requires reorganization of thought.  Instructor and Alexa will engage students in problem-solving, conducting comparisons and changing perceptions.  Such effective brainstorming and problem-solving approaches increase the long-term retention and retrieval of the lesson content.

Examples - Instructor or Alexa will ask students:
A - to justify opinion or provide real life applications, comparisons and analogies, related to the lesson topic.

B -  to validate and demonstrate their understanding of the content.

C - to develop a rubric to show step by step snapshots of success.

EMBRACE TOOLS - (Review Practices) – Depth of knowledge is increased with high cognitive thinking and enduring learning experiences. Going beyond rote learning requires deep connections to existing thought and memory.  Instructor and Alexa will guide students in creating deep, meaningful understanding.

Examples - Instructor and Alexa will:
A - will guide students in fun reflection products, such as learning mobiles, comic books, storyboards, musical mnemonics or using multi-sensory shares.

B - will guide students in life-size simulations or writing reflections that reorganizes their knowledge for long-term retention and retrieval.

C - will guide students in developing learning products, such a mind map.  A mind map shows content connections, similar to how the brain works, when connecting old knowledge to new knowledge.


Learning Connect understands the importance of  Classroom Management tools in creating a successful learning environment.  These tools assist in classroom organization and student behavior management.  From handling the logistics of planning field trips to readying for a substitute, tools are available.  Some of these are in the form of printable documents while others are voice-activated and can be accessed with the use of Alexa.  Selecting students randomly or assisting with classroom time or task management are just a few of Alexa's capabilities.

Fun Note:  Alexa can even give classroom announcements, with minimal teacher preparation.

As a master teacher, to submit any changes or additions to this site, please use the following contact button provided.  Your knowledge and experience are valued and appreciated, as we all work together to raise student achievement and create student success.