Students Can Excel with Entrepreneurship Enchancement Tools

July 31, 2018 by kwarner

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Brandon Mayer, Teacher, Great Plains Technology Center claims that Learning Connect is great for engaging students. He explains that instead of going to a workshop and learning one strategy, Learning Connect can give a over 100 customized strategies to entice, enlighten and engage students, while embracing the content for long-tern retention and retrieval.  Please listen as Brandon tells his story:

Plus, the exciting news for this school year is that:

"Learning Connect has added Career Enhancement tools for students who are excelling and excited about learning."  

An enhancement tool is not the primary curriculum, but serves to enrich, broaden or accelerate the current primary curriculum.  The Entrepreneurship Enhancement program can be infused within a single course or serve as a thematic approach for multiple courses due to the variety of underlying skills addressed.  It is developed to accompany any selected course or class interested in promoting Entrepreneurship.   The purpose of this program is for students to: 

"Begin the journey of constructing their own personal "Small Business Portfolio", brick by brick."

Within each individual entrepreneurship tool, there is a section noted with a "My Small Business Portfolio Symbol".  This symbol indicates the section of the entrepreneurship tool, once completed, can serve as an artifact or "evidence of knowledge accomplished".  Each artifact can serve as a building block in constructing their small business portfolio.  Once completed, 

"This portfolio can serve as a pre-requisite or as a companion to a thorough and successful business plan."

This enrichment program can be accomplished either within a one or two-year time period, based upon the number of tools selected and the length of the sponsoring class/course.  To add visualization to their dream, during the Entrepreneurship program, student will have an opportunity to develop a Small Business Diorama.  A Diorama is a lifelike replica or small three-dimensional scene created from layers of materials, such as shoe boxes, cardboard boxes or even foam board.  

"Beginning with a thumbnail sketch, the diorama will be customized to depict and showcase the store layout and store front of their proposed business, down to the smallest detail."

Even though some students may only complete a few beginning Entrepreneurship tools, others may complete several tools over a one or two-year enrollment span within an occupational program, academic course or several specified academic courses (thematic approach).  Most of the Entrepreneurship tools are applicable to most industries or occupational career goals.  

"Whether completing one or two tools or twenty tools, student can be benefit by visualizing their Entrepreneurship dream."

For more information, about Learning Connect, please contact Karen Warner at 405-269-6467 or 405-372-4512.  We look forward to introducing Learning Connect as a professional development option for your school.