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LC Module: Classroom Management Teacher Tools - Community Relations

10 MIN

CMCR – Community Relations DOCUMENT 001 – Field Trip Prep, Checklist and Roll Sheet

DOC001 Community RelationsField Trip Prep, Checklist and Roll Sheet Where do we need to park the bus?  Where do we check in?  A field trip form is provided to help teacher organize and manage the field trip contacts, logistics, student fees, permission slips and attendance to ensure a successful learning experience for all involved. Descriptions and links are provided to access Student Field Trip Learning Preparation and Reflection tools.

Achievement Points - The gears located on each module provide some research specifics why the strategy used in each module raises student achievement. You can click on the gear to read and click on the gear again to eliminate the research box retrieved. For more citation reference information, please refer to the Learning Connect Research Resource Guide in the left hand column of this website.