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LC Module: Classroom Management Teacher Tools - Learning Environment

10 MIN

CMLE – Learning Environment DOCUMENT 005 – Clip Badge Hall Passes

DOC005 Learning Environment DOCUMENT – Clip Badge Hall Pass – The hall pass privilege can often be confusing and subject to abuse.  When a student is found out of pocket, it is helpful to know a student’s purpose and the assigned classroom. To clarify and control hall pass privileges, a hall pass template, with teacher signature, is provided for copy and lamination.  Each hall pass is customized to the purpose for the classroom absence, such a bathroom pass, a nurse pass, an office pass, a library pass or an errand pass.  A template is also available to create a customized pass. An example of a sign is also provided that can serve as a reminder to the teacher that a student is away from his or her desk.  The sign is created using LED lights.  Lanyards are recommended for student use, with the hall passes. (Order Avery 74554 Fold Clip Size Name Badges or laminate pass for multiple uses.)

30 MIN

CMLE – Learning Environment DOCUMENT 004 – Substitute Planning Guide

DOC004 Learning Environment DOCUMENT – Substitute Planning Guide Document – Students spend approximately one year with a substitute, during their K-12 school experience. Following are options and features available for a teacher to use customize a substitute guide for their classroom.  This guide consists of templates and documents to create an Emergency Red Folder, Appoint Student Helpers, Share Classroom Schedule and Class Assistance Contact Numbers.  Templates and instruction are provided to create a Student Picture Classroom Chart for the substitute or put together a quick substitute class learning activity to compliment the beginning, middle or end of your current lesson being taught, including student respondent sticks to randomly engage students.  A Substitute Day Feedback Assessment Form is included to consistently improve the substitute experience for all participants.

10 MIN

CMLE – Learning Environment DOCUMENT 002 – Teacher Student Conference Report

DOC002 – Learning Environment DOCUMENT – Teacher Student Conference Report – Any teacher student conference should be documented for future reference.  This documents provides a section to post the reason for the student conference from the teacher and student perspective and the action taken or recommended.

10 MIN

CMLE – Learning Environment DOCUMENT 003 – Student Grade Notification Report

DOC003 – Learning Environment DOCUMENT – Student Grade Notification Report – Improvement is hard to achieve without feedback.  A conference on a student grade, with the student, can be very effective and important for documentation.  This form provides a section from the teacher and student on the grade conference results, plus comments from parent and administrator, if deemed necessary.

10 MIN

CMLE – Learning Environment DOCUMENT 001- Student Behavior Contract

DOC001- Learning Environment DOCUMENT – Student Behavior Contract – When necessary to change student behavior, a Student Behavior Contract can serve as an effective classroom management tool. The contract allows a student to acknowledge the occurred infraction, as written.  Then, participate in developing a contract with the strategy that he/she plans to use to overcome the challenge in the future.   The consequences for committing the infraction again are also spelled out on the contract by the instructor, using the checklist provided.Both student and teacher signatures are obtained.  Room for additional contact documentation is provided on form.

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