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LC Module: Learning Products

“Learning Products allow students to chunk and consolidate creatively. “Chunking is a very effective way of enlarging working memory’s capacity. Too often, information deemed important is taught just once and the students are expected to remember for a lifetime. We cannot recall later what we have not stored” (Sousa, 2011)
“Recognizing that the creative cognitive process is the highest level identified and employs the use of thinking skills in all of the other levels.” (Combs, 2003)
“Effective summarizing leads to an increase in student learning. Students have to analyze information at a deep level in order to decide what information to delete, what to substitute, and what to keep when asked to give a summary (Anderson, V., & Hidi, 1988/1989; Hidi & Anderson, 1987).” (NREL, 2005)
“A good amount of research supports the idea that the ability to summarize has a positive impact on achievement. Summarization training has been shown to increase the recall of major information from reading, studying and lectures (King, 1992; Rinehart et al, 1986) and on writing summaries (Armbruster, 1987).” (Ohio Dept of Ed, 2014)
"Summarizing may encourage deeper engagement with a text and encourage students to reread as they construct a summary (Kamil, 2004). Summarizing either taught alone (e.g., Armbruster et al., 1987) or as one of several strategies (e.g., Palincsar & Brown, 1984) has been shown to improve comprehension and memory for what was read (National Reading Panel, 2000). Summarizing is a complex activity that involves paraphrasing and reorganizing text information.”(Rice, 2004)
“Based on over a decade of research regarding the benefits of technology integration in today’s classroom, there is overwhelming evidence that supports the use of technology to raise student achievement. By allowing students to engage in technology-enhanced curriculum, educators can ensure that their students will have the necessary skills to be competitive in the global workforce.” (Gasell, 2008)

30 MIN

GC409 – Learning Products – Making a Web Page Wireframe Memory Tool

GC409-S3 – Web Wireframe Memory Tool – No Web Design Experience Required. Deep learning and long-term retention require consolidation and reorganization of thinking. After determining the lesson topic to be addressed, Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner, or a small group, to generate a website planning sheet and wireframe to reorganize and display the key points, facts and details of the lesson to a prospective online audience. A website wireframe is a page schematic or blueprint that can serve as a visual guide to create the skeletal framework of a website that can serve as a personal study tool.

30 MIN

GC408 – Learning Products – Preparing a Visual Presentation Memory Tool

GC408-S5 – Visual Presentation Memory Tool – Chunking and summarizing information increases retention of knowledge for long-term retrieval. At the conclusion of the lesson, Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner, or a small group or class, to learn to summarize properly using a Summary Assessment Sheet. Then, instructor will provide or have students note the main ideas on lesson topics using a Visual Presentation Summary Prep Sheet. For each main idea generated, key points will also be generated and aligned by memory. Then, as directed, share time will be provided to ensure all main points and key points are listed. If directed, the Visual Slide Prep Sheet can also be used to complete a presentation for study and long-term retention purposes.

30 MIN

GC407 – Learning Product – Being a Cartoonist Memory Tool

GC407-S5 – Being a Cartoonist Memory Tool – Comic books are a manual or digital visual representation of knowledge that can enhance long-term memory. Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner, or a small group, to think of a problem needing to be solved or a lesson needing to be learned that is related to the assigned topic. Students will develop a lesson-related comic story plot using sketches with stick figures. The characters can be human, animals or living objects that solve a problem related to the lesson. Each panel can be cut out and glued sequentially to create a comic poster board.

30 MIN

GC406 – Learning Products – Storyboard Sketch Memory Tool

GC406-S3 – Storyboard Sketch Memory Tool – Storyboards are a set of drawings, illustrations or pictures displayed in a visual sequence that tells a story or shows a progression either manually or electronically. It is a useful tool for remembering facts and details and generating a series of drawings to plan a visual sequence of activities for videos, PowerPoints, comic books or websites. After determining the lesson topic to be addressed for retention purposes, Alexa or instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner, or a small group, to develop storyboard sketches by generating pictures or sketches of sequenced storyboards from a story, series of steps or bullets provided within the lesson.

30 MIN

GC405 – Learning Products – Making a Learning Mobile Memory Tool

GC405-S5 – Learning Mobile Memory Tool – Mobiles are a strong source for remembering important steps and details of a concept. After determining the lesson topic to be addressed for retention purposes, Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner, or a small group, to develop a learning mobile by putting a key point or keyword, related to the topic, on a 4 x 6 card using markers or a computer. A shape related to your subject can be used, such as car shapes for an auto mechanic related mobile. Next, students will determine an object related to the subject to serve as a base for your mobile, such as a toy stethoscope for a health mobile.

Achievement Points - The gears located on each module provide some research specifics why the strategy used in each module raises student achievement. You can click on the gear to read and click on the gear again to eliminate the research box retrieved. For more citation reference information, please refer to the Learning Connect Research Resource Guide in the left hand column of this website.