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LC Module: Learning Products

“Learning Products allow students to chunk and consolidate creatively. “Chunking is a very effective way of enlarging working memory’s capacity. Too often, information deemed important is taught just once and the students are expected to remember for a lifetime. We cannot recall later what we have not stored” (Sousa, 2011)
“Recognizing that the creative cognitive process is the highest level identified and employs the use of thinking skills in all of the other levels.” (Combs, 2003)
“Effective summarizing leads to an increase in student learning. Students have to analyze information at a deep level in order to decide what information to delete, what to substitute, and what to keep when asked to give a summary (Anderson, V., & Hidi, 1988/1989; Hidi & Anderson, 1987).” (NREL, 2005)
“A good amount of research supports the idea that the ability to summarize has a positive impact on achievement. Summarization training has been shown to increase the recall of major information from reading, studying and lectures (King, 1992; Rinehart et al, 1986) and on writing summaries (Armbruster, 1987).” (Ohio Dept of Ed, 2014)
"Summarizing may encourage deeper engagement with a text and encourage students to reread as they construct a summary (Kamil, 2004). Summarizing either taught alone (e.g., Armbruster et al., 1987) or as one of several strategies (e.g., Palincsar & Brown, 1984) has been shown to improve comprehension and memory for what was read (National Reading Panel, 2000). Summarizing is a complex activity that involves paraphrasing and reorganizing text information.”(Rice, 2004)
“Based on over a decade of research regarding the benefits of technology integration in today’s classroom, there is overwhelming evidence that supports the use of technology to raise student achievement. By allowing students to engage in technology-enhanced curriculum, educators can ensure that their students will have the necessary skills to be competitive in the global workforce.” (Gasell, 2008)

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