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LC Module: Project Planning - Assessment and Accomplishment

“Compared to traditional instructional methods, students engaged in small-group learning achieve higher grades, retain information longer, and have reduced dropout rates, improved communication and collaboration skills, and a better understanding of professional environments (Johnson, Johnson, & Stanne, 2000; Springer, Stanne, & Donovan, 1997; Terenzini, Cabrera, Colbeck, Parente, & Bjorklund, 2001; cited in Oakley, Felder, Brent, & Elhajj, 2004)." (Vega, Vanessa 12,03,2012).
“Many other research studies show similar effects. In general, PBL research shows a slightly positive effect on achievement scores with much larger positive gains on indicators such as: critical thinking and problem solving skills, abilities related to accessing, analyzing, organizing, and communicating information, student attendance patterns and disciplinary behaviors.” (Glassgow, 1997; Jones, Rasmussen & Moffitt, 1997).” (Haney, Dr. Jodi J. 2005).

Achievement Points - The gears located on each module provide some research specifics why the strategy used in each module raises student achievement. You can click on the gear to read and click on the gear again to eliminate the research box retrieved. For more citation reference information, please refer to the Learning Connect Research Resource Guide in the left hand column of this website.