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LC Module: Elaborators

“Elaboration strategies expands the target information by relating other information to it (ex. Creating a phrase, making an analogy). It connects information to be learned with information that students already know. This connecting takes stress off of working memory, because connections create efficiency of learning and memory.” (Jordan, 2014)
“Elaborative interrogation is a strategy to help you remember meaningful information. The idea behind the strategy is that relevant prior knowledge is not always readily activated when you are trying to learn new information, and sometimes help is needed to make the right connections. The strategy requires you to go beyond the information given to you and to construct reasons for the relationships between bits of information.” (McPherson, 2012)
“Complex concepts require that a learner make connections and form associations and other relationships in order to establish sense and meaning. Thus, information may need to be reprocessed several times as new links are found. This is called elaborative rehearsal. The more senses that are used in this elaborative rehearsal, the more reliable the associations.” (Sousa, 2011)

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