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LC Module: Group Readings

“The best way to know if you are comprehending material is to monitor your recall as you read. The more you can recall the better the comprehension.” (St Mary’s College, 2015)
“Being able to distinguish between main ideas and supporting details will help you to draw conclusions, evaluate, and critically interpret—all integral skills for comprehension.” (Texas Higher Ed Coordinating Board, n.d.)
“All students can benefit from working with partners to cognitively process important vocabulary and content knowledge. But the cooperative learning model is essential for struggling readers to succeed in your classroom. Cooperative learning differs from simple group work in two important ways: (1) Individual and group accountability are built into every activity so that all group members are required to participate and produce, and (2) group members are taught and then expected to fulfill certain roles during the cooperative process.” (McEwan, 2015)

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