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LC Module: Oral Reading Logs

“As a whole class activity, each student shares one thing from his or her learning log with the class, which creates a class discussion with input from each student. Many students find it easier to share with the whole class when they have previously written their thoughts on paper.” (Hurst & Pearman, n.d.)
“The process of using learning logs involves developing thinking and learning skills, which are enhanced by a peer partnership system. The learning log is not an in depth assessment tool but more of a snapshot of what the students have or have not understood in their lesson material.” (Wikipedia, 2015).

Achievement Points - The gears located on each module provide some research specifics why the strategy used in each module raises student achievement. You can click on the gear to read and click on the gear again to eliminate the research box retrieved. For more citation reference information, please refer to the Learning Connect Research Resource Guide in the left hand column of this website.