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LC Module: Reading Journals

"There is also critical need for students to become actively involved in the process of learning.” (Ashman & Conway, 1993). Research findings indicate that journals allow students to become more aware of their own thought processes and gaining insight into the strategies they use to resolve problems, or overcome difficulties.” (Ashman & Conway, 1993; Blagg, 1991 as stated Wikipedia, 2015).

10 MIN

GC223 – Reading Journal – My Reading Journal

GC223-S6 – My Reading Journal – As directed, Alexa will guide students to respond to the assignment using a reading journal for increased retention and comprehension. Next, students will respond to questions and sentence stems at the half-way and ending reading points. Then, students will respond to the reading content with personal opinions and predictions. Last, any major key concepts, steps or procedures will be paraphrased or summarized within the journal.

10 MIN

GC222 – Reading Journal – Main Idea and Detail Journaling Tool

GC222-S2 – Main Idea and Detail Journaling – As directed, Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner, in a small group and/or class, when reading URLs, handouts, notes or other consumable reading material, divide the information into main ideas and details by highlighting, underlining or framing. Then, individually, with a partner, in a small group and/or class, students will also be directed to journal main ideas and details in a reading assignment using the journaling format provided. Upon completion of journaling a full reading assignment, a study sheet can be created by folding each page in half vertically after the first column.

Achievement Points - The gears located on each module provide some research specifics why the strategy used in each module raises student achievement. You can click on the gear to read and click on the gear again to eliminate the research box retrieved. For more citation reference information, please refer to the Learning Connect Research Resource Guide in the left hand column of this website.