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LC Module: Changing Perceptions

“Without reflection, learning ends well short of the re-organization of thinking that deep’ learning requires. Effective learning situations require time for thinking. Reflection challenges students to use critical thinking to examine presented information, question its validity, and draw conclusions based on the resulting ideas.” (Intime, 2015)

30 MIN

GC107 – Changing Perceptions – Believe or Doubt Tool

GC107-S4 – Believe or Doubt Game – In a four-step process, Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner or small group, to create a Believe or Doubt sheet by evaluating general statements about today’s lesson. Then, students will determine if they believe or doubt and share their reasoning or evidence. Last, after listening to lesson, students will be directed to review and believe or doubt their previously established opinion. A Believe or Doubt Exchange Game is also available within this tool for students to partner and share their opinion in a small group setting. (Option – Journal Entry)

30 MIN

GC106 – Changing Perceptions – From a New Perspective Tool

GC106-S3 – From a New Perspective – In a three-step process, students are assigned a new career, character or stakeholder position related to today’s lesson. Next, Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually or with a partner/small group with the same career, character or position, to listen to the lesson from their new perspective. Then, students will be directed to provide their personal opinion using the best evidence or argument on behalf of the new career, character or position. In the last step, after listening to the lesson and all perspectives, each student will establish their own personal opinion. (Option – Journal Entry)

20 MIN

GC105 – Changing Perceptions – Is it a Myth?

GC105-S5 – Is It a Myth? – To provide incentive for focus and concentration, Alexa or Instructor will guide students through a process to determine if their current knowledge is just a myth or actual facts. Students will jot down their personal knowledge statements of what they currently know about today’s lesson topic. Their knowledge slips will be evaluated using a Knowledge Rating Scale, individually, with a partner, small group and/or class. (Option – Journal Entry)

10 MIN

GC104 – Changing Perceptions – My Background Tool

GC104-S4 – My Background – Using a four-step process, Alexa or Instructor will guide students, individually, with a partner or small group, to build a background tool by sharing their current knowledge and its, impact on today’s lesson topic. At the end of lesson, students will be directed to share where they got lost in the lesson, and what questions still need to be answered or clarified. (Option – Journal Entry)

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