my personal lc locker implementation briefing and successful practice worksheet

AFTER Tool Implementation:

The ABC’s of Learning Connect is to ALWAYS BE CONNECTING now and in the future.  Brief notes following any practice will allow for constant improvement in your practice and student achievement in the future.  As a master teacher, we ask that you also be prepared to share your practice and expertise with others by completing and saving this form to your locker and submitting this brief feedback and testimony to Learning Connect.

Click Here to Start Module. The gears provided on each module provide specific student learning and achievement research for the selected module strategy. Click on the gear to read and click on gear again to eliminate the research box retrieved.  For more citation reference information, please refer to the Learning Connect Research Listings in the Teacher Menu located at the top of the page.

In one to two sentences, please describe any changes you made to the implementation process.
SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE - If YES to question F, this tool qualifies as a successful practice for you
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Before clicking the SUBMIT button to send a copy of this feedback form to Learning Connect, please copy, and save this document for your own LC lesson planning records. It is suggested that all LC documents be saved in a folder that you name “MY LC LOCKER” in your personal computer files for future reference. If you are viewing this form on a public or shared computer, you may email the URL for this document to yourself for saving to your computer files.

Learning is defined as . . .

"Neuroscience research confirms that practice improves performance. The brain processes new information by recalling it, and as the activity is practiced, the pathways get more efficient, and transmission speed increases. The pathways may become permanent as the skill becomes integral to the brain, and is held in long-term memory." (Jensen as stated by - Cercone, 2006.)