my successful practice submission worksheet

AFTER Tool Implementation:

The ABC’s of Learning Connect is to ALWAYS BE CONNECTING now and in the future.

We highly encourage you to share your successful practice and expertise with others.  Upon completion of implementing the LC tool successful within your classroom, we hope you are willing to share your expertise with others.

Complete the interactive form which allows you to provide feedback and testimony about your classroom experience using your selected LC Classroom Tool.  There is an option of adding pictures, lesson files and handouts to your "Successful Practice" feedback. We do ask that you include a personal portrait of yourself.

You, as a master teacher, and your successful practice may be selected to be featured in the "Learning Connect Blog" available on the homepage of the Learning Connect website.  A Learning Connect "Master Teacher Star Certificate", suitable for hanging, will be presented to the individual featured on the website,

A printable form of the "Successful Practice Submission Form" is also available by clicking the link below.

My Successful Practice Form

This form would have to be completed, saved and attached to an email and sent to


In one to two sentences, please describe any changes you made to the implementation process.
SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE - If YES to question F, this tool qualifies as a successful practice for you
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Before clicking the SUBMIT button to send a copy of this feedback form to Learning Connect, please copy, and save this document for your own LC lesson planning records. It is suggested that all LC documents be saved in a folder that you name “MY LC LOCKER” in your personal computer files for future reference. If you are viewing this form on a public or shared computer, you may email the URL for this document to yourself for saving to your computer files.

Learning Connect Updates:  Learning Connect has provided a preview of the upcoming tools to be available in the future.  They are listed below:
PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS – A series of tools ranging from establishing leadership roles and project goals, to creating project action plans and stakeholder presentations.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP TOOLS – A series of tools for students to begin their journey of constructing their own personal Small Business Portfolio, brick by brick, as a pre-requisite to an actual business plan.
CAREER TOOLS – Five Year Time Capsule to establishing career goals is available.  Tools for Job Interviewing and Workplace Success are in the future.
WRITING TEMPLATE TOOLS – A series of current writing templates are available from pre-writing planning, opinion writing to storytelling and technical writing.

All these drafts will be continually modified, eventually published and aligned with Alexa to ensure successful implementation in the classroom.  Any current classroom implementation and feedback from a classroom experience would be appreciated.

Preparing Students to Succeed . . .

“In order for the United States to produce young people who are well prepared to succeed in whatever they undertake, every teacher at every grade level in every domain must become a strategies teacher.  Strategies instruction needs to be adopted across the curriculum and throughout schools and school districts. It needs to begin when children enter school and continue through 12th grade.”

Gaskins, Irene. (December 23, 2009 Update). Strategies Instruction.