The following LEARNING CONNECT BIOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH LISTINGS have served as a catalyst in creating the Learning Connect instructional system.  By accessing and compiling the latest educational research, the Learning Connect modules and tools were generated to ensure student success and achievement. Each guide is consist of brief excerpts of research for each learning strategy, processing skill or educational topic from studies of renown educational leaders from around the world.

A.  LC Bibliograhy - LEARNING STRATEGY RESEARCH LISTING - A listing of brief research excerpts for each of the 65 LEARNING CONNECT learning strategies.

B.  LC Bibliography - LEARNING AND PROCESSING SKILLS RESEARCH LISTING - A listing of brief research excerpts for each of the nine learning and processing skills.

A listing of brief research excerpts of current and prominent learning theories.

A listing of a brief research excerpts on special education.  Since so many educational studies have been conducted using different perspectives and different components concerning the same or similar strategies, a cluster listing of all related strategies have been developed to assist in further study.

E.  LC Bibliography - LEARNING STRATEGY CLUSTERS RESEARCH LISTING - A cluster listing for each learning strategy in order to show specific, related strategies.

Learning Connect Updates:  Learning Connect has provided a preview of the upcoming tools to be available in the future.  They are listed below:
PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS – A series of tools ranging from establishing leadership roles and project goals, to creating project action plans and stakeholder presentations.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP TOOLS – A series of tools for students to begin their journey of constructing their own personal Small Business Portfolio, brick by brick, as a pre-requisite to an actual business plan.
CAREER TOOLS – Five Year Time Capsule to establishing career goals is available.  Tools for Job Interviewing and Workplace Success are in the future.
WRITING TEMPLATE TOOLS – A series of current writing templates are available from pre-writing planning, opinion writing to storytelling and technical writing.

All these drafts will be continually modified, eventually published and aligned with Alexa to ensure successful implementation in the classroom.  Any current classroom implementation and feedback from a classroom experience would be appreciated.

Preparing Students to Succeed . . .

“In order for the United States to produce young people who are well prepared to succeed in whatever they undertake, every teacher at every grade level in every domain must become a strategies teacher.  Strategies instruction needs to be adopted across the curriculum and throughout schools and school districts. It needs to begin when children enter school and continue through 12th grade.”

Gaskins, Irene. (December 23, 2009 Update). Strategies Instruction.