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SMGR3 – Small Group Project Planning – Leadership – Leadership Skills Quotient Student Activity Sheet

SMGR3-S3 – Individual/Group Project Leadership Skills Quotient Student Activity Sheet – At the beginning of any working project, it is beneficial to discuss each of the leadership skills needed. Therefore, the Instructor and Alexa will lead each small group/project member to complete their own Individual Leadership Quotient Skill Sheet and identify their “Top Three Leadership Strengths” and “Top Three Leadership Challenges”. (Optional) Each project team can also generate their own Group Leadership Component Average Score. For each small group to know their leadership challenges, the group can work together to improve their leadership skills, as a whole. (Leadership Skills – Listening and Responding, Providing Constructive Criticism, Building, Crediting, Blending, Asking Questions, Acknowledges Feelings, Demonstrating Initiative, possessing a Positive, Creative Attitude, Adhering to Time Framework, etc.)