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What is Learning Connect?

Learning Connect is a computerized, student-driven instructional system for raising student achievement in the classroom.  It provides a consistent, systematic process for embedding scientifically, research-based instructional strategies in to practice.

Getting started?

For a LEARNING CONNECT BROCHURE, please click and download here.

Learning Connect increases student learning by infusing student achievement support tools within the instructional planning process effectively, efficiently and consistently.  To do so, you can use the colored boxes above – ENTICE, ENLIGHTEN, ENGAGE and EMBRACE – to determine your focus area within the instructional planning process.  Each colored box consists of varying instructional modules and instructional achievement tools for today’s classroom.  The achievement tools within each module are of varying purpose and intensity.  Your selection of a tool should be based upon and aligned with your curriculum purpose and goal.

A.      GAGING YOUR TEACHING PRINCIPLES - An opportunity to quickly assess your teaching beliefs.  Please click and download here.

B.     GAGING YOUR TEACHER PRINCIPLES RESEARCH - An opportunity to review the current research associated with each teaching principle. Please click and download here.

why use Learning Connect?

  • INCREASED STUDENT EMPOWERMENT - LEARNING CONNECT is a click away from over 100 turnkey instructional support tools that allow students to become more skilled in approaching and managing learning successfully on their own.
  • INCREASED STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT - LEARNING CONNECT is an instructional system generated from over 60 scientifically-research instructional strategies proven to raise student achievement.
  • INCREASED STUDENT LEARNING - LEARNING CONNECT entices, enlightens and engages students, allowing them to embrace new knowledge and increase student learning. In summary, it increases learning outcomes for all students with all learning abilities and learning styles.
  • INCREASED STUDENT SUCCESS - LEARNING CONNECT translates a tremendous amount of instructional research available today into highly-effective classroom activities that increase student learning and ensures student success.
  • INCREASED STUDENT PROCESSING - LEARNING CONNECT focuses on enhancing the learning and processing skills. Research shows that 85 to 90 percent of the learning difficulties in the classroom are due to poor underlying learning and processing skills. Each tool notes the learning and processing skills activated as a result of use.

who can use Learning Connect?

Learning Connect is designed to increase achievement for secondary and adult level students.  It is best used as an instructional planning tool that increases student learning by allowing instructors to immediately infuse turnkey student achievement support tools within their instructional planning process.


The instructor will select the most appropriate student achievement tool for today's lesson content and purpose. Each student achievement tool is created and remains as a word document to allow individual customization of the tool document by teacher to meet local student and classroom needs.

when can learning connect be used?

Learning Connect can be used to infuse achievement tools at different stages within the instructional process - ENTICE, ENLIGHTEN, ENGAGE and EMBRACE.   A smorgasbord of achievement tools is available to align with the content and purpose of the lesson.  Learning Connect does not change or replace subject content.  It elevates the teacher to become a true facilitator of learning.  The content inserted with the LC tool may be just the lesson topic(s), lesson questions or vocabulary to allow opportunity for prior knowledge to be accessed in a variety of ways.  It may just be the use of the tools for intervention and reflection during regular lectures or reading assignments.  Last, the content needed may be in the form of resources to explore and create learning products. Learning products are evidence of knowledge gained and ensure consolidation and long-term retrieval.

how do i use the learning connect search feature?

You can interact with the LEARNING CONNECT strategies by clicking on the SEARCH BAR feature.  The SEARCH BAR can lead you to decipher from over 100 different scientifically-researched student achievement tools for the classroom.  Research contends that prior knowledge is the single most important resource in learning information.  You can ENTICE your students with fun, interactive student tools to help them target and use their prior knowledge for today’s lesson.  Educational experts claim that each learning and processing skill must make a contribution and needs to function well for overall learning to be easy, fast and successful.  Learning and processing skills help students store, process, organize and consolidate information productively.   Continue to ENLIGHTEN and bring your lesson alive with collaborative student tools that activates all learning and processing skills within your students.  Then, enhance your teaching style and effectiveness by ENGAGING students using stimulating techniques that moves learning from the surface level to a deep, insightful experience.  Last, to ensure a meaningful connection, infuse energizing EMBRACING strategies that guarantees understanding and future long-term retrieval.

Click Here to Start Module. The gears provided on each module provide specific student learning and achievement research for the selected module strategy. Click on the gear to read and click on gear again to eliminate the research box retrieved.  For more citation reference information, please refer to the Learning Connect Research Listings in the Teacher Menu located at the top of the page.

Learning is defined as . . .

"Neuroscience research confirms that practice improves performance. The brain processes new information by recalling it, and as the activity is practiced, the pathways get more efficient, and transmission speed increases. The pathways may become permanent as the skill becomes integral to the brain, and is held in long-term memory." (Jensen as stated by - Cercone, 2006.)