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LC Module: Small Group and Project Planning - Leadership Prep

“According to research, small groups in the classroom will allow students opportunities to solve real-world problems and create an openness to new perspectives. However, a prerequisite to small group success is establishing leadership roles and team management routines within your small group. These roles and routines will play a major role in creating highly engaged small group team members in both the classroom and in the future workplace.” (Fry, Astrid F. and Hale, Sandra. 2000).
“To allow for better management and to increase students’ acceptance of their classmates, take into account size and diversity when creating small groups. Ideally, groups should have between two and five members, to allow everyone to contribute (Davidson, n.d.).” (Shrawder, Jack H. 2009).
“Except for the occasional informal small group, avoid allowing students to form their own groups. When groups are self-selected, students are more likely to stray from the objective and form cliques (Cooper, n.d.).” (Shrawder, Jack H. 2009).

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