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LC Module: Prior Knowledge Connections

“The human brain is always looking to make associations between incoming information and experience. All new information is incorporated into existing neural networks. If it does not connect through association to a previous memory or have some personal relevance to latch on to, all is lost” (Fishback,1999 as stated Cercone, 2006)
“A large body of findings shows that learning proceeds primarily from prior knowledge.” (Rochelle, 2014) “Proficient learners build on and activate their background knowledge before reading, writing, speaking, or listening; poor learners begin without thinking.”(perfectlearning.com, n.d.)

Achievement Points - The gears located on each module provide some research specifics why the strategy used in each module raises student achievement. You can click on the gear to read and click on the gear again to eliminate the research box retrieved. For more citation reference information, please refer to the Learning Connect Research Resource Guide in the left hand column of this website.